Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Avery--One year this past Thursday

So Avery turned 1 on Thursday. We had a birthday party for her full of fun, laughter, red velvet cake, pink decorations, and presents! She loved having all of the attention . . . which is not all that unusual. She's the first, you know.

Some Avery milestones: she is running around like crazy. She plays with her cousins. She likes to climb on just about anything that is able to be climbed.

Her current words are: no (her favorite) :), ma-ma, da-da, pa-pa, good girl (which sounds like guu-gur), dog-dog, woof, grandaddy (which is de-de), doy-doy (I haven't figured out what d0y-doy means yet), Ju-Ju (which could be her saying my name since she hears it a lot from others).

She also loves to point. If she wants us to take her somewhere or closer to an object, she points to it.

We love her like crazy!

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