Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Avery--One year this past Thursday

So Avery turned 1 on Thursday. We had a birthday party for her full of fun, laughter, red velvet cake, pink decorations, and presents! She loved having all of the attention . . . which is not all that unusual. She's the first, you know.

Some Avery milestones: she is running around like crazy. She plays with her cousins. She likes to climb on just about anything that is able to be climbed.

Her current words are: no (her favorite) :), ma-ma, da-da, pa-pa, good girl (which sounds like guu-gur), dog-dog, woof, grandaddy (which is de-de), doy-doy (I haven't figured out what d0y-doy means yet), Ju-Ju (which could be her saying my name since she hears it a lot from others).

She also loves to point. If she wants us to take her somewhere or closer to an object, she points to it.

We love her like crazy!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Avery's Fake Coughing and Other Thoughts!

So Avery learned a new trick tonight! :) Fake coughing! It's hilarious! She totally entertained herself for like hours--okay, maybe not hours! She is so silly! I love her so much!

I constantly worry about her since she is so small (well, sorta) and young. I really feel like God is trying to teach me to trust Him and his plan. I feel like Avery has helped to cultivate a closer relationship with my Heavenly Father!

Okay--this is a short post because I need to go meet with my Heavenly Father and then go to bed!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thoughts on Motherhood!

Motherhood has GOT to be one of the most rewarding things of life! It's crazy how your heart enlarges to be able to love! I cannot believe that Avery is almost 6 months old! (on June 18th)

10 Things I've learned about myself since becoming a mother:

1. I'm more assertive than I thought (having a child brings it out of you :) ).
2. I care a lot less about my career than I ever thought I would.
3. I love my husband that much MORE!!!
4. I am that much more grateful to my parents for all the hard work I never noticed or, honestly,
cared about before I had a child.
5. I care less about what people think about me and am more content in my relationships.
6. I better understand God's love for me.
7. I get up more easily in the morning and have more zest for life than I ever thought I would.
8. I worry more than I thought I would about my child.
9. Did I mention that I love my husband that much more? :)
10. My dog has been demoted to "just dog" status.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Avery at 12 weeks

Avery is the most precious thing that has ever happened to Mike and I. She truly is a gift from God! She is becoming more and more interactive, and with each day, I fall more and more in love with her. Ironically, one of her favorite pastimes is having her diaper changed. She rarely cries when this occurs and even seems to be saying, "Mom, Dad, thank you! I feel much better. Now let me stay here for a while so I can kick and scream and coo."

Another one of Avery's favorite "pastimes" is standing up so that she can see the world and the world can see her. She loves to be in the standing position and very interactive at this stage.

Yet another one of Avery's favorite "pastimes" is watching her new video, a developmentally appropriate video, I'll have you know. She almost laughed the other day when she was watching it and Mike and I had to turn it off so that we wouldn't have to say that Avery's first laugh was while she was watching a video. Fortunately, no full out laugh. And, no, I don't think the aforementioned is unsolicited denial. :)

My first blog ever!